Pushing business forward with a digital first approach by providing tools that empower the customer.


Customers live on various devices with varying screen sizes.  The IDT site experience was designed to be responsive so that the customer can interact with the brand and learn more about IDT products not only from their desktop computer, but they can also have a great brand experience from their tablet or mobile phone.


The consumer often times has very specific needs.   Some need a camera that has a higher resolution or screen size.  Other’s may need a longer recording time or more frames per second.   We created a digital tool that allows the consumer to choose different specifications to see how the camera might work in key situations.

Drag Handle to adjust resolution.
Resolution specifications change in real time


Though we used a “digital first” approached for IDT, we wanted to make sure their was a strong and consistent brand experience on and off of the screen as well.  We designed an “ecosystem” for that was based on the brand’s visual vocabulary.  We carried this consistent look and feel across brochures, business cards, table covers, trade show banners and keynote presentations.


The goal was to use the photography as a brand asset to present the product in a way that will showcase the design details cleanly and clearly.  We captured several shots of the products for use on the website as well as in other digital, print and other applications.