Tips on working with a Graphic Designer

Every small business needs to work with a graphic designer from time to time to create marketing materials and if its not managed well it can be a very time-consuming process and in some cases unsuccessful. From working extensively on both sides of the fence I have put together the following eight tips to help

The Characteristics of a Good Logo

Your branding and company logo design is the face of your business. It should be the mark the represents what your company stands for. As such, you need to ensure that you work with reputable logo designers. You don’t need to be a designer yourself but by understanding what makes a logo effective, you will

The Importance of Website Security, Support and Maintenance

Nearly every organization and brand needs its own website. It’s crucial in today’s business world for companies to interact with their customers and keep them updated on news and special events. But not everyone understands the work that goes into website security, maintaining a website and keeping it secure. Whether you maintain a website for