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Multi-channel Fan Engagement

DC Comics is constantly reinventing their rich and complex narrative to fans from around the world and of all ages.  We’ve worked with DC for years continuously creating new and exciting ways to deliver rich content and drive fan engagement with this generation and the next.

Con Away From Con

DC Comics has fans all across the globe. However, not every fan can make it to the largest comic book convention of the year, ComicCon.  We partnered with DC to develop a campaign that would engage those fans that couldn’t experience ComicCon, in person. 

Con Away From Con was a unique approach to fan engagement, designed to deliver rich ComicCon content to the fan base as it was happening.  The content was curated and delivered in almost real time.   Con Away From Con featured content categories such as DC University, We Can Be Heroes, 5.2 Questions, Character Spotlights and much more

Website Design and Development

At Play partnered with DC Comics to create a campaign that would appeal to the next generation of fans.   DC Fan Family was a strategic way to engage DC parents and their children.

The DC Fan Family blog featured comic-themed activities and projects that parents could enjoy with their kids. It’s a great way to introduce the next generation of DC fans to the iconic characters and stories!

Paying Tribute to the Caped Crusader

We had the privilege and honor of creating the iconic Bat-Signal that lit up Los Angeles City Hall in tribute to late Caped Crusader, Adam West.The gigantic 70 ft by 20 ft emblem was projected on the side of city hall for several hours. “Batman” fans flocked to the area to watch Mayor of Los Angeles send up the signal. 


The Social Media-Savvy Woman

Iconic female characters were at the center of the “DC You” concept.  The reimagined heroes featured a new style and attitude that was tailored to a modern, mostly-female audience. We conceived and designed a series of assets for use on Instagram and other social media channels, to engage a mostly female, social media-savvy audience.

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