IDT Vision

Driving brand awareness and advocacy through a multi-channel network.

Speaking to a Niche Market

Integrated Design Tools (IDT) engineers and manufactures high-speed cameras and integrated systems for professional and industrial use – everything from sports to space exploration.  Their target market is very specific, to say the least. 

At Play partnered with IDT to refine their branding positioning and strategy across multiple channels to reach their target audience, and drive engagement.

Information in Context

In an era of reducing content and copy to create simpler UX, IDT actually needed to present more information about their products. We worked to ensure they were offering all of the information their visitors needed, based on customer feedback and a thorough site analysis.


Finding the Right Product for the Job.

IDT produces high-speed cameras and integrated systems.  Each camera has a different resolution, maximum frame rate, and recording time. We created an interactive tool that allows the customer to choose the camera that is right for their needs.

Print Materials

The look and feel of our identity work informed a visual vocabulary that functions across both digital and traditional marketing channels.


We’re Ready.

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