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Building a digital brand.

Building the Bu brand, online.

First introduced to U.S. markets in 2013, kombucha is a probiotic fermented tea beverage that offers tremendous health benefits. The drink has seen >25% sales growth every year since then, and is expected to continue gaining market share through 2020 and beyond.

The Bu Kombucha has adeptly positioned themselves as a probiotic functional beverage that perfectly balances taste and benefit – without sacrificing either. We partnered with them to build an online presence that would leverage the existing brand and reinforce the product’s benefits and company values.

Website Design and Development

We began the project with an existing style guide and logo, both which had helped The Bu establish the brand and build a growing fan base. We knew that we wanted to build on this identity in a way that conveyed purpose and evoked emotion

We accomplished this primarily through a highly-curated photographic and visual style that perfectly embodies the products. The new site tells the story of a healthy, young, active lifestyles, visually reinforcing that this is not a sports drink, but it does offer distinct health benefits. We chose natural, vibrant settings to convey the organic nature of the products.

Brand Elements

The Bu’s pallet is informed by the flavors of the beverages they offer. As a result, the palette is bold and striking, befitting a product that represents vitality and health. Each flavor uses a unique gradient, which serves to soften the palette a bit.


Photography Curation

Primary Typogaphay

The Bu leverages bold and distinct typography in all mediums.  The typography on the website was an extension and was consistent with other brand channels.


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